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My name is Geraldine Tatiana Diaz Riaño, I am fifteen years old and I'm a high school student.

I was born on 15 of march on 1999 and I'm from Bogotá in the Clinic Compensar.

My mom's name is Jazmin Patricia Riaño Varón, she is forty three years old and she's a housewife.

They are the members of my beautiful family.

My dad's name is Aldemar Diaz Logreira, he is forty three years old and he's a lawyer.

My sister's name is Paula Andrea Diaz Riaño, she is eighteen years old and she is a university student.

I live in Balkanes neighborhood, my addres is: block 12 house 5, floor 2.

My favorite food is fruit salad with ice cream.

My favorite sport is cycling, I like to do this exercise every day.

My favorite friend is Oscar Domínguez, he is sixteen years old and he is in the high school.

I want to study international business in Ibagué.

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I want to study at the university of Tolima in Ibagué.

I'm afraid of angry dogs.

My dog's name is Manolo. and he is very spoiled.

My vacation. was in Bogotá with my family.

This is my facebook. time line screenshot.

I want to live in Europa.

He is my boyfriend, he is sixteen years old and live in Bogotá.

This is my bedroom, I like it and I have a televition and a radio.

This is me like a ñera, I don't like it but is only a homework.

They are my class matters and they are cheerful.

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